Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Wastewater Samplers

Stationary Refrigerated Sampler
Indoor Non Enclosed

The S200 is the simplest of the Refrigerated Wastewater Samplers.  As with every Sampler in the Aysix Sampler range the S200 model incorporates the well proven and dependable Aysix Vacuum Chamber Measurement principle. Suitable for indoor applications.

Portable Sampler
Multiple Bottle (up to 24)

The Aysix multiple bottle (up to 24)  P2-MULTIFORM,  can accommodate a choice of four Sample Collection Vessels. Changing Sample Collection Vessels is extremely quick and easy with the Aysix Modules lift off design. The open aluminum frame structure of the Aysix P2-MULTIFORM provides clear visual contact with the collected samples. Users quickly appreciate the benefit of being able to see each sample depositing correctly into its container without having to dismantle the Sampler.